Residential Water Filtration System Services in the Raleigh Area

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Dirty, contaminated, hard water can be a serious situation for any homeowner. Ingesting the water can be detrimental to your health and running it through your plumbing system can damage pipes and fixtures. For customers in the Raleigh, NC area, Pipetechs Plumbing is here to help. We offer extensive water filtration services that will get your property up to speed with clean and crisp water. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers are saying here!

What Are The Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems?

Our water supply contains thousands of harmful chemicals and contaminants that need to be removed in order to have safe drinking water and for water to be used for other applications. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has established certification standards 42 and 53 to ensure that water filters have been tested and confirmed to meet certain requirements. NSF 42 addresses the levels of chlorine, chloramines, taste, odor and particulate matter. NSF 53 addresses health-related contaminants that are more difficult to remove. It addresses levels of cysts, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether). Most water filtration systems are designed to meet at least one of the standards.

A quality water filtration system should be accompanied by a performance data sheet that lists and specifies the percentage of contaminates that it is designed and certified to remove. Some states require that this information accompany each filtration device, the company’s promotional literature and all replacement cartridges.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Water Filtration Systems?

Carbon filtration systems use either granular filters of activated carbon or carbon block to attract contaminates that tend to bond to the filter. Carbon filters are best for filtering VOCs and THMS. Some carbon filters are multi media, which means they include other media that is used to filter other sediment and cysts.

Reverse osmosis is a technique used to remove contaminates of a certain molecular size by putting water under pressure and allowing certain contaminants, particularly inorganic contaminants and minerals, to be stripped from the water. Most VOCs remain and must be filtered through carbon filters.

Distillation is a process that removes contaminants by vaporizing water and allowing it to condense back to water. In the process, contaminates, such as lead and calcium, separate from the water while other contaminates, such as organic chemicals, remain. Distillation is followed by carbon filter filtration to remove remaining contaminates.

How Are Water Filtration Systems Installed?

Home filtration systems include under-the-counter, counter top, pitchers, faucet attachments, shower and whole property filters. Under-the-counter systems require the most extensive installation, and you must have available space under your counter top. Under-the-counter and reverse osmosis systems require the installation of an additional faucet, or you may use the opening for an existing hose or soap dispenser. Reverse osmosis also produces waste water, and the system requires a waste water line and storage tank to accommodate the waste water.

Counter top systems will consume space on your counter-top. Most counter-top systems mount to an existing faucet using standard plumbing fixtures, but they can be a bulky addition to your property.

Pitcher water filters are pitchers with a removable, pour through filter. Pitchers typically filter less than 40 gallons of water at a time, and they offer the least effective method of removing contaminates.

Shower filters are attachments used to remove or neutralize chlorine and vaporized contaminants that your body may be exposed to while bathing.

Whole property filters are used to filter all the water that enters your property. Whole property systems need to be installed by a plumber and can be customized to meet your unique filtration needs. Most whole property systems are designed with no drainage, back washing, or waste water, but they may reduce flow rates and water pressure.

Professional Water Filtration Services

No matter which course of action you choose to take, or which filter you choose to take, getting professional services is imperative to a comfortable property. At Pipetechs Plumbing our expert technicians will perform the necessary installations to start filtering the water entering your property today. By filtering water you are not only making is safer and healthier for the people who use it, but also for the plumbing system itself. If you would like to find out more benefits, or simply quote a water filtration system, call our expert technicians today. We will provide your home with the best services possible to get your property crisp and clean water in no time!

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