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Some leaks may be undetectable or invisible to the naked eye, but inevitably, they are often harmful to either the functioning of your home’s systems or harmful to your residents. Leaks in appliances and pipeline systems not only cause inefficiency but can also result in serious damage rough aggravation over time. We offer high tech leak detection services that utilize gas to find the location of leaks. We have frequently uncovered the exact location of leaks underground without even touching let alone digging any landscape. Our customers were shocked to see that there were no signs of leakage above the area of the source, but we are now familiar with how conspicuous seepage can be. We have knowledgeable professionals as well as safe and non-invasive equipment for leak detection. We truly take our obligations to our customers seriously, which is why we encourage you to click here to read the reviews other NC residents have written about us.

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What is helium leak detection?

A Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector (MSLD) is an instrument that uses helium as a trace gas to find a variety of different kinds of leaks. It can also give a measure of the size of the leak, for example, how much is escaping per quantity of air. This device can be used for any vacuum system. In other words, any appliances with sealed parts closed off to certain gases or liquids. For example, refrigerators, furnaces and pipeline are all examples of systems relevant to leak detection.

Why is helium used in MSLD?

Helium is used because it is a small molecule; it is safe, non- flammable and non-toxic. It’s lightness in mass result in its projection up higher into air where it can quickly be detected.

What can a helium leak detectors be used for?

The primary application of MSLD in residential areas is for the detection of water leaks. It is safe to pump helium into drinking water for leak detection. Helium is pumped into the water, and helium levels are monitored in and outside of your home. The areas above the leak will signal for high helium detection, hence revealing its location.

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