Residential Backflow Testing &
Certification Services in Triangle Area

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Residential Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Raleigh, NC area

Public water systems are designed to create positive system pressure, allowing water to flow in a specified direction, while preventing its flow in the other direction. Sometimes things go wrong, though, such as a broken pipe, a crack in a water tank, or a pump that malfunctions. Such occurrences can result in the loss of the positive pressure, allowing water to flow through the system in the wrong way, which could result in cross contamination. This situation is called backflow, and it can be a serious plumbing issue for your home. Our technicians at Pipetechs Plumbing will always have the best solutions to prevent backflow or repair it should it occur. Don’t just take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here.

Residential BACKFLOW Testing & Certification

In order to avoid the cross contamination described above, backflow prevention devices are installed at certain points within the water system. These devices are designed to allow the flow of water when everything is operating as it was designed to do, but prevent the flow of water in the opposite direction in the case of a malfunction. Basically, backflow devices provide an added layer of safety. In order to make sure that the devices can be counted on when the time comes, they must be tested periodically by certified technicians.

During this testing process, the units are inspected and cleaned to ensure that they are working perfectly at all times. Once this is done, they are tested and paper work is completed in order to have them certified according to state regulations. For customers in Raleigh, NC area our technicians can perform these services for you today!

Why Is BACKFLOW Testing Important?

If the integrity of a water system becomes compromised, contaminants can enter the water system, creating a possible health hazard. Look at a lawn irrigation system, for instance, where the pipes are buried in the lawn. If one of the pipes develops a crack, harmful bacteria from the soil could enter the pipe and contaminate the system. Anyone drinking the water could become very ill. Backflow testing is important because it ensures that such an occurrence would be prevented by the backflow device operating to prevent the bacterial contamination.

What Is The BACKFLOW Testing Process?

The typical testing process includes shutting down the water supply, examining the device to be tested, determining the direction of flow that the system was designed for, and making sure there are no cross connections evident. After completing a visual inspection, test cocks or ports are checked in a particular order, depending on the mechanism being tested. A test kit is connected to the device to ensure its proper operation. By performing all of these services you can have peace of mind knowing that your unit is in perfect working order.

Who Should Perform BACKFLOW Testing & Certification?

Certification means that a technician has been properly educated, trained, tested, and authorized by the local water authority to perform backflow testing. Our certified technicians are available to test your backflow devices and submit any required documentation to your water supplier. We also have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to handle any other water needs you may have, from new installations to emergency repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get industry leading services the moment we answer the phone!

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