How To Find A Plumbing Leak

Most of us know the signs of a leak in our home or business. Water pressure drops, the meter spins faster, you have water damage or your water bill goes up. The hard part is finding the leak if it isn't in an obvious location like a faucet, under a sink, or near the toilet. In a situation like that you need someone that can find your leak and repair it. The problem then becomes finding someone who can find and repair with minimal side damage (like cutting a wall or ceiling open). So how do you find a leak you can't see without tearing your home apart?

Leak Detection

There are different ways to aid you in finding your leak. If you have a sewer leak (you can smell them) then smoke testing is one way to find that leak. Another way is to use a camera in the line to visually inspect it. However with water leaks a different testing method is needed and used.

In order to find a water leak your home's plumbing system is pressurized with helium or hydrogen gas. Once that is done a plumber uses a detection tool to look for places that the gas has escaped. This allows us to find the leak without damaging your home looking for it. This method allows us to find leaks in walls, under concrete or under asphalt in a non-destructive manner. Once the leak is found it can be repaired by the plumber.

Pipetechs offers leak detection, smoke testing, and camera inspections to assist in finding and fixing water and sewer leaks. Our plumbers are specially trained to use our up-to-date leak detection technology. Not only will they find your leak but they will be able to provide an estimate or go ahead and repair it right then.

If you suspect you have a leak but you can't find it please call us at 919-293-1221.