"H2 Minus O" Can Lower Your Water Bill Up To 40%.

Yes you read that right. This one small product can lower your water bill up to 40% and all you have to do is get it installed. No timed showers, no reusing gray water, no waiting to flush toilets is involved here. Just a valve installed on your side of the water meter is all it takes. H2 Minus O reduces the amount of air - yes air - that your water meter measures reducing your water bill.

You mean I'm paying for air on my water bill?!?

Unfortunately, yes. The normal process of bringing water to your home or business introduces air into the water lines. Most water meters are unable to distinguish between air and water and thus you are charged for air as well as water. H2 Minus O is a valve that compresses (not block or remove) the sporadic air in pipes that your water meter will measure. This compression allows water to fill the area the air had taken up instead. This reduces how fast your water meter spins thereby reducing your water bill.

We could get even more scientific about how H2 Minus O works and go into all its certifications and testing, but we thought the main point is that it will lower your water bill up to 40%. If you want further information on how it works, what it's made of, and all the testing done on it you can visit the H2 Minus O website.

If you decide you'd like to pursue the H2 Minus O further, Pipetechs would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate to install one. You can call us at 919-293-1221.