Commercial Root Cutting Services in the Raleigh Area

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Commercial Root Cutting Services in Raleigh, NC area

Commercial Root Cutting Services in Raleigh, NC area

Many times the roots of a tree can negatively affect the plumbing in your business or commercial property. Below the layer of soil in a yard you can find a complex series of gas, water lines, and tree roots. Of course water lines and gas lines cannot move but you can count on them to move somewhat if the ground surrounding them shifts, because tree roots are alive and can expand. Tree roots can enlarge and grow every single day and ultimately this increase will cause major problems for your plumbing. When you're faced with invasive roots, the most important thing to do is seek professional help. At Pipetechs Plumbing we offer thorough and professional root cutting services. Find out what our past customers have to say about the service here!

Are All Trees A Threat For Invasive Roots?

It does not matter how old the building is, more than likely when it was built, a lot of care was given to place the water pipes far from the roots of trees which were already established. If the trees were too near the position of the pipes to be laid down, then the trees were often removed to avoid any plumbing problems. Even with these precautions made, the roots of the trees will still grow and expand. As tree roots search for water, they can grow extensively and in various directions, leading to serious plumbing repercussions.

How Can Invasive Tree Roots Affect Plumbing?

While a tree root grows it can also make its way into pipes that can cause leaks. These roots can also cause pipes to break, twist, and bend, due to any shift in the ground and pressure due to their expansion. Often you will see roots that have twisted around main lines and also sewer lines where they eventually become crushed. It is very hard to avoid damage from occurring in an older building in which the growth of trees has been present for a number of years.

Unfortunately the roots of trees can easily get into pipes, which can also be an expensive problem. You will see this happen when there is a crack in a pipe and you have vapor leaking inside the soil. Trees that are close to these pipes are affected by the vapor from the water causing the roots to grow near it. In time these roots find their way inside the pipe and thrive due to oxygen and water. The roots continue to grow, often blocking and spilling pollutants into the building.

How Can Professional Root Cutting Services Help?

Often the roots will branch outward and come in contact with these same pipes. Pipetechs Plumbing will use a variety of techniques such as root cutting that will eliminate any root interference and will avoid damaging surrounding pipes. Established for more than 15 years, Pipetechs Plumbing has the most advanced root cutting equipment that will effectively eliminate the root disturbance for a period of time. Root cutting equipment is enhanced by high pressured water and will use the exact amount of pressure as used by a water jetting unit which gives off the needed strength in order to remove the oldest tree roots. The blade revolves and cuts up the root at the part that has entered the drain. Of course this will not be a permanent fix because the roots will eventually grow again but it can be prevented by implementing a drain repair.

Why Choose Pipetechs Plumbing
For Commercial Root Cutting Services?

At Pipetechs Plumbing our number one goal is always to ensure that our customers are happy and comfortable. When invasive roots strike plumbing systems you could be left with serious damage to your plumbing as well as water leaks. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained, and can remove these roots using root cutting technologies. While in some instances the roots can grow back, once they are cut the danger they pose to your plumbing system is minimal at best.

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