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Efficiency and safety are always of foremost importance in manufacturing. Instruments, appliances and other systems with leaks cause waste as well as hazards for employees. We provide state of the art helium leak detection devices as well as certified technicians with the capacity to quantify and reproduce very exact reports of leak sizes. With detection tests in the range of 10-2 and 10-13 Pa • m3/s, our capabilities represent the most thorough analysis available. We encourage you to click here to read the reviews.

We also:

  • Train employees extensively in safety programs

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  • Are proud certified members of Green Plumbers

What makes helium leak detection superior?

Helium is the second smallest element on the planet; this allows helium leak detection methods to identify the smallest possible leaks. Helium is also non-toxic and non-flammable. This property is also why helium is light in mass and therefore moves up quickly into space for detection. This is also why this process is more time efficient than other methods.

What can helium leak detection be used for?

This device can be used on testing any vacuum system. Some examples include: automotive parts, steam turbines, cans and containers, storage units, heat exchangers, medical devices, nuclear components, refrigeration, electronic microscopes, buried pipelines, nuclear reactors, vacuum furnaces and more.

What is spray testing and what is sniff testing?

For sniff testing, helium is injected into your system and leaks are monitored. When spray testing, helium is released outside of the appliance being detected and we monitor for helium that is drawn into the crevices of leaky joints.

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